The instrument for re-sequencing audio on the fly

Timetosser allows you to repeat parts and even completely change the order of any connected source.
Timetosser integrates well in any situation: in a DJ-setup, in the studio or on stage in a live set.

Watch Kypski having a go on one of our prototypes. Track credits: Kypski - Deejays (SKIP&DIE remix)

While developing Timetosser we are very interested in feedback from established DJ's and producers. Utrecht based DJ/producer Kypski really puts it best:

"I really want to bring back live performing and live musicianship to the DJ artform. And kind of blend it with actually playing live, finger drumming and scratching."

We could not agree more!

The novelty of Timetossing lies in the way it is used: you're not simply enabling an effect, but you have to actively and skillfully play the instrument in order to get good results. Although it needs some practice to master, the live-performance aspect of Timetosser ultimately gives you greater expression in your performances.

Watch the video below for a short introduction to the basics.


Timetosser backside

Dimensions 200 x 120 x 22 mm
Weight 242 grams
Body Brushed aluminium hardtop casing,
to withstand rigorous pounding
Controls 16x full colour LED backlit key switches
60 FPS smooth animation feedback
CPU 180 MHz 32-bit ARM micro controller
For real-time audio analysis and smooth visual feedback
Digital audio Up to 24-bit / 192 KHz
Low noise, high quality codec
USB port For use as controller and audio interface
Dual purpose sync input Tempo sync to MIDI and analog gear
Timetosser frontside

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